There are a gazillion free books available and there is a growing number of  sites that list free and discount Christian books.  The majority of these sites list all genres. Yes, that means the good, the bad, and the ugly kinds of genres.  Since The Vessel Project is a website for those who love Christian books, it’s my desire and my mission to make sure you don’t find questionable content here.

With the growing popularity of eBooks, the publishing landscape is changing. More and more authors and writers are taking advantage of publishing directly onto consumer platforms like Amazon and Barnes & Noble or by passing these altogether and selling their eBooks directly from their websites.

In short, the Indie eBook market is exploding.

This makes it a bit harder for me to select which free books are posted here on The Vessel Project. As a general rule, if I don’t know the author or the publisher of a free book, I generally don’t list it here.  Why?

Because I am responsible for what is presented on this site. I will answer for putting questionable content before you and enticing you to read it because it happens to be free.

The fading lines in the genre’s of ‘Inspirational or Religious Fiction’ and ‘Religion and Spirituality’ invite all kinds of irreverent content. For instance,  Mormonism, Scientology, and Hinduism books are all grouped together in the Religion category.  These I can easily dismiss from considering posting here, but the Indie Religious/Inspirational fiction genre is something quite different. How can I know if the content is God-honoring in a fictional work if I don’t know the author or publisher? I can’t. Do I read each and every book posted here? No. I often rely on a few faithful readers of this site to let me know when they see a book that jumps the line of acceptable/not acceptable.

I would like your help with this. If you have found a  Christian Fiction or Non-fiction book that meets your approval and you would like it listed here, please let me know.  I want to make God-honoring books available to everyone even if the author is self-published.

And if you ever find a book that presents questionable content, let me know. You and I may not agree on what is questionable so I may list a book here that you don’t like. But the responsibility for that falls on me, not you.

In essence, what you don’t find here on The Vessel Project are books that contain what I consider questionable content or imagery, books faithful readers and friends warn me against (because I trust their judgment), or books that are gems that I don’t know about.

Thanks for being a faithful reader of The Vessel Project.

Keiki Hendrix