My Friends,

2016 has been an exceptional year for downloading free and discounted Christian e-books from the Vessel Project. My records show over 240,000 free Christian Kindle fiction and non-fiction books downloaded to Kindle devices, tablets or FREE Kindle Reading App in 2016.  That’s not counting the free audio books.

Since 2008, almost 1,000,000 free books were downloaded from the Vessel Project.

That’s why I am writing you now.

I receive emails from all over the world thanking me for posting free books on the Vessel Project.The majority are from caregivers for elderly parents, missionaries from both stateside and from those serving abroad, and hard-working believers on fixed incomes. I’m happy to offer as many free books as I can.  I believe reading a Christian novel or non-fiction book edifies the reader.

That’s this purpose of this email. I invite you to partner with me to continue to offer free books to readers.

Would you help keep the free books flowing by making a donation to The Vessel Project during our year-end donation drive?



What is the Vessel Project Christmas Project?

Every year at the end of the year, I post the Vessel Project Christmas Project. This lets readers know the number of free and discounted Christian books downloaded from my site.  It gives readers an option to give and partner with me to keep providing free downloads.

Why give to the Vessel Project?

Every time you purchase a Kindle book from the Vessel Project, I receive a small referral fee from Amazon. There are far more free books downloaded than paid books. With free book downloads, I don’t receive a referral fee. Still, the small amount generated from the purchase of the deeply discounted Christian books does help keep the free books available. That’s why I make this annual donation request to readers.

What’s the bottom line?

If you’ve benefited from the free and discounted Christian e-books posted here and want to partner with me to continue to present free books to readers, please consider making a donation to the Vessel Project this Christmas season.

How much should I give?

A gift of any amount is greatly appreciated. A good rule of thumb in determining a donation amount is using this simple formula:

  1. Calculate the number of free books you’ve downloaded in 2016
  2. Estimate how much you saved
  3. Consider a percentage of that amount as a donation

Hopefully, this will give you a baseline to find the value of what the Vessel Project provides.

And, again, if you have found the Vessel Project worthy of a donation, please prayerfully consider making a donation.




Thank you for being a faithful supporter of the Vessel Project. I look forward to presenting more free and discount Christian Kindle books to you in 2017.

May God’s wisdom and peace cover you this joyous Christmas season and bring you precious memories and new adventures.

Matt and Keiki Hendrix