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The Vessel Project is website dedicated to those who love Christian books. It began in 2008 as a place for me to post my book reviews and thoughts on the books I was reading. Since then, it has grown tremendously. I believe it is because it points ready readers to quality reading material. Not just any type of material, but the very best reading material available today, Christian fiction and non fiction books.

What is a Christian book? How does it differ from a general market book?

A Christian book is a novel or non-fiction book that reveals the gospel in some form. Christian books deposit truth in  readers either by sound, biblical teaching of memoirs, Bible Studies, Devotionals and  Christian living books  or by  the plots, characters, story lines or subject matter of Christian novels.

There are general market books that include high moral content and well written stories that adhere to the principles of the Bible. They may refer to the Bible but Christianity is not the focus. These are good books. But, it is my opinion a Christian book is one that is not ashamed to use the name Jesus Christ or promote the principles of the Bible.

Because Christian books carry the message a dying world needs to hear. The world needs more of this, lots more.

Why I started The Vessel Project?

The answer goes back many years to my childhood.I was saved at a young age but not raised in Church. I’ve always been an avid reader but at that time, the Christian book market was very small. If there were more Christian books available, I might have grown more in my faith. That’s why you will find so many free resources available on The Vessel Project.

I hope you enjoy your visit to The Vessel Project. If you would like to contact me, feel free to use the CONTACT FORM.

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  1. I’ve been receiving your listing of kindle books each day, but today I didn’t . I would like to know why.


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