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The Last Toqeph

(Gateway to Gannah Book 4)

by Yvonne Anderson

"The Last Toqeph is non-stop action that will make you laugh, weep, and ball up your fists with anger."

Sale Price: $1.99



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kindwordsA testimonial is impact feedback or a formal statement testifying to a ministry or organization’s character and qualifications. It’s a recommendation, endorsement, or reference. Over the years, I’ve received several kind emails from readers but I haven’t collected them to display on the website. I’m not sure why I’ve overlooked this but now I’d like to collected these kind words and display them on the site. And not just because it benefits the site but displaying testimonials also connects the site to so many others. It expands the community.

Do you have a kind word or two you’d like to share about The Vessel Project? If so, just complete the form below and we’ll get your comments posted on our new  Testimonial page. They may also appear in a sidebar widget.

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