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I asked a few author friends to write a love letter about their husband or wife. This is the ninth in the LOVE  LETTERS series.

I hope you enjoy reading about the true life loves of the authors of some of your favorite books.

This love letter is a pastor’s wife and novelist, Kelli Hughett.


Love Letters:  Shattered Dreams = Real Love 



To Kirt:

When I was eighteen, I dreamed of foot rubs, bubble baths, romantic dinners, poetry, star-lit walks, and long weekends. I wanted an “Anne and Gilbert” or “Elizabeth and Darcy” kind of love.

We’ll never forget that beautiful day in August. White dress. A new diamond. Tuxedoes. Flowers. Cake. Do you remember what was said of our first kiss? “That was the most romantic kiss I’ve ever seen on the screen or off.”

And it was.

But you shattered all my dreams of an “Anne and Gilbert” relationship right from the start.

We moved into a tiny apartment and struggled through school. I have one word to remember that place: rug burn. Sorry I guess that’s two words.

Foot rubs came and went, bubble baths left their scars (remember?) romantic dinners cost too much, poetry showed up in anniversary and birthday cards via stick figure drawings. Star-lit walks only happened when one of our babies had croup.

Long weekends? Preachers don’t get weekends! Did we think of that when we chose this way of life?

You may have shattered the shallow dreams I brought to our marriage, but in the process you brought a new dream to light. You taught me to value a relationship that is authentic, genuine, and full of hills and valleys. Not an “Anne and Gilbert” or a “Darcy and Elizabeth” but a true original.

I’ve learned that shattered dreams are the way God shows us what real love looks like.

Now that I’m older than eighteen, I imagine balancing schedules, teaching our children, holding hands, stealing kisses, basking in the joy of intimacy, and growing closer as the years pass.

Thanks for making this dream a reality.



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Kelli HughettKelli Hughett’s love for the game of football and heart-pounding romance combine to strengthen the voice in Red Zone.

Kelli earned a degree in Women s studies from Bear Valley Institute of Denver in 1998. A home school mom-turned-suspense writer, Kelli writes suspense with His fingerprints all over it.

She is a member of ACFW, the Colorado chapter, and is involved in two critique groups. She is a back-to-back Genesis finalist 2011/2012. Kelli thrives on public speaking, teaching and writing children’s Bible curriculum. Learn more at .


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