Wilted Dandelions  by Catherine Ulrich Brakefield is a featured and recommended Christian romance novel.

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Wilted Dandelions

A Novel

Author: Catherine Ulrich Brakefield

Print Length: 285 pages

Publisher: CrossRiver Media Group

Publication Date: July 30, 2015

Tagged in: Christian > Romance > Historical

About Wilted Dandelions

The Second Great Awakening has stirred a young woman’s soul.

High-spirited Rachael Rothburn is eager to leave her luxurious life in Buffalo, New York, to share the gospel with Native Americans in the Oregon Territory. But the missionary alliance requires their missionaries to be married and Rachael has no husband or suitors.

When Dr. Jonathan Wheaton, another missionary hopeful, learns about the restriction, he is desperate to find a wife. He offers Rachael a marriage of convenience and she agrees. After a hasty wedding the pair sets off for the west knowing little about each other. Together they battle raging rivers, hostile Indians, sickness, treacherous mountain trails, and more.

But as the seeds of love begin to grow, Jonathan’s jealousy and pride threaten to be an even greater danger than anything they find in the west. Can they overcome the challenges and discover a true and lasting love?

Catherine Ulrich Brakefield is an ardent receiver of Christ’s rejuvenating love, as well as a hopeless romantic and patriot. She skillfully intertwines these elements into her writing as the author of Wilted Dandelions, published by CrossRiver Publishing. an inspirational historical romance, along with her first Christian Romance novel “The Wind of Destiny”, and her other history books,  Images of America, The Lapeer Area and The Images of America, Eastern Lapeer County. published by CrossRiver

Catherine was a former staff writer for Michigan Traveler Magazine (Breckenridge, MI), has free lanced for numerous other publications. Her short stories have been published in Guidepost Books; Extraordinary Answers to Prayers, Unexpected Answers and Desires of Your Heart; Baker Books, Revell, The Dog Next Door; CrossRiver Publishing, The Benefit Package.

Catherine lives in Addison Township, MI., with her husband Edward of forty four years, and her beautiful Arabian horses. She enjoys horseback riding, swimming, camping and traveling the byroads across America. Her children are grown and married. Catherine and Edward are blessed  recipients of two handsome grandsons and one precious granddaughter.

Learn more awww.catherineulrichbrakefield.com.


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