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Author: Linda Wood Rondeau
Print Length: 211 pages
Publisher: Elk Lake Publishing
Publication Date: October 30, 2015
Tagged in: Christian > Fiction > Romance

Featured - Fiddler's Fling by Linda Wood Rondeau


When Jolene Murdock receives a call from an old boyfriend, her carefully crafted world crumbles. Told of her estranged father’s terminal illness, she returns to a town she’d left three years ago, the scene of her secret sin. She thought her pending marriage to rising political star Robert Ashworth the penance God required of her … to forget her talents, her music, and her love for Brookside.

Dwight Etting is now the junior partner in Murdock & Etting. But Big Mike Murdock has run the business into the ground. In hopes of saving the company, Dwight convinces Big Mike’s daughter to return to Brookside to help her terminally ill father. Why does she cling to her resentment over a stupid argument on prom night? What happened to that spirited girl, whose fiddle playing won the hearts of all Essex County?

Selah Award winner, and Carol Awards finalist, Linda Wood Rondeau writes to demonstrate that our worst past, surrendered to God, becomes our best future. Her books are inspired by her many years as a social worker, why her voice hits home with complex characters who walk off the page, and why readers relate to her non-fiction as well.

Humor, another guarantee in a Rondeau book, is also prevalent in her non-fiction. She is a frequent guest on blogs, online magazines, traditionally published periodicals and writes a recurring column for her hometown newspaper, Malone Telegram. Readers will also enjoy her website blog, Snark and Sensibility.

The author is a breast cancer survivor and a recovering food addict. A Toastmaster graduate, she enjoys speaking to groups on her experiences as well as the writing life. The author loves to hear from readers. You may contact her through her website,


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