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The Chase by Susan Wales and Robin Shope tagged in Christian > Romance > Historical is the recommended bargain deal today.

“I enjoy all of Redmond’s books, but I may have a new favorite! The setting, the supporting characters, and the history make for a great read. Add to it the main characters with their own unexpected quirks, and it creates a delightful romance. Who would have thought the reader (and leading lady) would fall for a hero with an eye patch and a limp?! Such fun!.” —Amazon Reviewerd Jill can’t afford to lose.

The Chase

A Novel

Author: Susan Wales and Robin Shope

Print Length: 365 pages

Publisher: Revell

Publication Date: February 1, 2004

Tagged in: Christian > Romance > Historical

About The Chase

Jill Lewis is known to her colleagues in Washington, D.C., as a tough investigative reporter–someone who pulls out all the stops to expose the political underworld of Capitol Hill. But when she breaks what should be the biggest story of her life, Jill is bewildered to find herself out of a job and sent packing. Returning to her hometown of Delavan, Wisconsin, to lick her wounds, she must settle for work at the town’s small weekly newspaper.

Jill is afraid the very tameness of her new life will be enough to send her over the edge. But the former Washington Gazette star soon finds herself caught up in a chilling race to uncover the evidence that will help her reclaim her job, preserve her family’s reputation, and save her life. The Chase is on and Jill can’t afford to lose.

About the Author

Once upon a time, I was born in a tiny Alabama town, Roanoke, not far from Harper Lee & Truman Capote’s hometown. Right down the road from writer Rick Bragg, and a few hours from writer William Bradford Huie’s home. Haven’t you heard the love of writing and story-telling is in the drinking water in Alabama? It’s rumored I’m a cousin of Capote and Huie, but that’s no surprise since practically everybody in Alabama is related! Once when our daughter was a little girl, someone asked her what ethnicity we were, she replied “We’re Southern!” How true!

Presently, I’m writing thrillers and gift books. Readers and reviewers say the thrillers scary . . .some say scarier than the movie, Psycho! WOW! One reviewer said our book THE REPLACEMENT has the most creative murder she’s ever read! Where is Alfred Hitchcock when I need him? Thank you dear readers for allowing me to do what I love. The books also have romance woven throughout them. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them!

I have great memories of an idyllic childhood. My four best friends were named same as me, Susan—for real! My parents always worried that I exaggerated and I talked too much, but now since I now earn my living doing it, they laugh and say, “Oh my, doesn’t the Lord have a sense of humor?” He transforms our weaknesses into our greatest strengths!



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