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Love Letters: Shattered Dreams = Real Love by Kelli Hughett

Long weekends? Preachers don’t get weekends! Did we think of that when we chose this way of life? You may have shattered the shallow dreams I brought to our marriage, but in the process you brought a new dream to light. You taught me to value a relationship that is authentic, genuine, and full of hills and valleys. Not an “Anne and Gilbert” or a “Darcy and Elizabeth” but a true original.

I’ve learned that shattered dreams are the way God shows us what real love looks like.

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Love Letters: That Flawless Man of Mine by Keiki Hendrix

So, to the man of my dreams who sings like the host of heaven and plays every instrument I’ve ever seen but will not employ those talents unless moved by the message of the music or the song, to the man who amazes me when he recounts his talks with our “Papa” and makes me yearn to be with Him, to the only man who has ever held my heart, Happy Valentine’s Day, my darling.

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Love Letters: Opposite Attraction by Linda Wood Rondeau

We made each other only one promise the day we wed—never a dull moment. A promise we both have kept through the decades. I look back at the twists and turns in our lives and wonder how we made it this far.

And I look forward with anticipation to the uncertain future.Love has brought us to this time and love will be there beyond tomorrow.

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Love Letters: A Sterling Man and a Shared Ministry by Melody Carlson

When I first began writing, you wholeheartedly believed in me—even when it seemed like the impossible dream to publish a book. And throughout my career (250 books later) you’ve not only been my best support system, you’ve been my biggest fan. You’ve helped me every step of the way and, as you know, any success I’ve had also belongs to you. Every reader who gets touched by one of my books has also been touched by you. We have a shared ministry.

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Love Letters: True Love, Teddy Bears and Dark Chocolate by Tricia Goyer

Love, I’ve discovered, isn’t just about gifts, cards, and kind words. Love is about the way you care on ordinary days. It’s times you wash the dishes just because and rub my neck when when you’re tired yourself. It’s watching mermaid movies with our little girls to give me extra time to write and bragging to all your friends when my newest Amish novel comes out. (Even if you have no interest in Amish novels.)

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Love Letters: My Research Road Warrior by Mary Ellis

have dragged you to bed and breakfasts set high in the Smokey Mountains, to seaside towns near the Gulf of Mexico, and to neighborhoods that needed a dresser dragged in front of the door at bedtime.

You have never complained. Not even when we both ate spoiled clams or jambalaya that set our tongues on fire. Researching with my best friend and husband of forty-plus years has always been an adventure.

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Love Letters: Addicted to Romance by Julie Lessman

He loves me with a tender look, a lingering kiss, or just spooning at night. He loves me by saying he never gets tired of being with me (yeah, I know, his boredom threshold must be pretty high), and he loves me while dancing with me at weddings when I know he’d rather have a root canal.

And then there are all those times he took my side in front of the kids, even when I was wrong followed by gentle conviction and prayer when we were alone.

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