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The Vessel Project is dedicated to those who love Christian books. It’s purpose is to present readers with the best free and discounted Christian books available. Our new streamlined theme offers many ad opportunities to authors. As a writer myself, I know how difficult marketing your book can be. 

My mission here at the Vessel Project is to offer various promotion opportunities at affordable prices to help you establish and grow a healthy reader base. Browse all the available ad opportunities below and select the one that’s right for you.

Which ad opportunity is best for you?

If your goal is to raise awareness of your book, choose the Book of the Day ad because it provides name recognition and does not require a lengthy commitment.


Book of the Day Ad- $11.00

Book of the DAY

Book of the Day ads are an excellent way to gain exposure to your book at an affordable price. The Book of the Day banner appears above all posts on the Vessel Project giving you a great deal of exposure to Vessel Project readers. The cost is low, only $11.00,  and the ad is displayed for one day only. Discounts are available if you purchase 3 or more days.

Book of the Day ads include a small image of your book plus the title and a call to action link that takes the visitor to the book detail page on Click “Order Now” button below to purchase a Book of the Day ad for $11.00 each. Order Your Book of the Day ad

***Note to authors:  if you purchase an ad, you can tell me which book you want to feature in the message portion field of your order. Or, you can wait for me to respond to your payment notification.




  1. Thank you for mentioning my novel, DEEP FOCUS. It looks as if you have an attractive site with good potential! I would like to subscribe to your newsletter, but I had trouble getting the SUBSCRIBE button to work. Finally it took my information, but I am not sure. The font for this message is very pale gray, and I hope that indeed it will get to you as well. :)

  2. Just to follow up — thank you! I’m now subscribed and I look forward to seeing your books . . . and placing a few ads.

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