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The Vessel Project is dedicated to those who love Christian books. It’s purpose is to present readers with the best free and discounted Christian books available. Our new streamlined theme offers many ad opportunities to authors. As a writer myself, I know how difficult marketing your book can be. 

My mission here at the Vessel Project is to offer various promotion opportunities at affordable prices to help you establish and grow a healthy reader base. Browse all the available ad opportunities below and select the one that’s right for you.

Which ad opportunity is best for you?

  • If your goal is to raise awareness of your book, choose the Book of the Day ad because it provides name recognition and does not require a lengthy commitment.
  • If your goal is to connect with readers about when your book is free or discounted, choose the Book Promotion ad because it engages the reader with more detail about your book . It also notifies them when your book will be free or on sale and is included in our email newsletter and on all our social media networks.
  • If your goal is continued exposure, choose the Featured Book Promotion ad because it offers more detail in the content (reviews, book trailers, author bios, etc) and is included in the Featured Sponsor gallery (for 12 months) which is tweeted regularly each week to our followers.
  • If your looking for more exposure, consider the book review option listed below.


Book of the Day Ad- $11.00


Book of the Day

Sample View of the Book of the Day ad


Book of the Day ads are an excellent way to gain exposure to your book at an affordable price. The Book of the Day banner appears above all posts on the Vessel Project giving you a great deal of exposure to Vessel Project readers. The cost is low, only $11.00,  and the ad is displayed for one day only. Discounts are available if you purchase 3 or more days.

Book of the Day ads include a small image of your book plus the title and a call to action link that takes the visitor to the book detail page on Click “Order Now” button below to purchase a Book of the Day ad for $11.00 each.

  Order Your Book of the Day ad


Book Promotion Ads – $21.00



Sample View of Book Promotion Ad


Are you an author with a new release and want to announce it on The Vessel Project? Or, is your book free or on sale? Purchase a Book Promotion Ad and get a single post featuring your book cover, title, subtitle, author, and book description for only $21.00.

These are single post ads that are included in our daily email newsletter and linked and shared on Facebook, Twitter, and all of our social media profiles. You can also link and share the promotional ad on your networks as well.

These ads are also categorized by genre and cost so your ad will appear when readers navigate to one or more of these menu items:

The cost is only $21.00 so Vessel Project Book Promotion Ads are cost effective for just about everyone. Plus, once a Book Promotion Ad is created, it will remain active for three days in all categories so you can link to it and share it on your social media networks as well.

Click “Order Now” button below to purchase a Book Promotion Ad for $21.00 each.

  Order Your Book Promotion Ad



Featured Book Promotion – $75.00


canvasThis advertising opportunity is open to authors, publishers, or media groups that want focused exposure. It is a one day ad placement which is shared on all our social media platforms offering excellent exposure on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and several more social bookmark sites.

Included in the Featured Ad position is the book cover, book title, author, detail, buy button, book description, and author bio.

All Featured Book Promotion Ads are placed in the Featured Sponsor Gallery for a  period of 12 months. The Featured Sponsor Gallery is tweeted at least twice a week. View the gallery HERE.

  • Position: Dedicated post for your book
  • Available Positions: One position per day
  • Price: $75.00 for one day featured status



Order Your Featured Book Promotion



Book Reviews


Review posts are written and created specifically for an author, publishing house or media group. The Vessel Project is dedicated to readers of Christian books so only books written by Christians are accepted. I will read your book, write a review and post it on The Vessel Project with my recommendation.

Time Frame – Books are reviewed on a first come first serve basis. Please allow at least 4-6 weeks after I receive your book for review.

Review credentials – In addition to maintaining The Vessel Project website, I’m also a freelance writer and web designer. I’ve published devotions, book reviews and Bible studies as well as hundreds of books reviews on several online news media sites. I am listed as an Amazon Top Reviewer  and a member of the Amazon Vine Program, an invitation only reviewers community for

Social Media Broadcasts – In addition to the review posted on The Vessel Project. I will post my review on Amazon, CBD, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, and up to 10 reading and consumer websites for an additional charge. Please contact me directly for a custom book review promotional package.

  • Position: A dedicated blog post featuring your book cover, description, purchase options and a professional review
  • Available Positions: Only one review will post per day
  • Price: $199.00 review post


Order Your VP Book Review Today



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